Saying Goodbye to Glee

Today, the last episode of Glee aired, marking the end of a TV series that I have been watching for the last six years. It was a very emotional episode, but perfect in every way, because it felt like all loose strings were being tied, and nothing was left in the dark. It was the perfect closure for something that has largely influenced the way I developed as a teenager, and how I view the world around me today.

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

Rachel taught me to have big dreams, and never give up on them. She showed me that hard work ALWAYS pays off, but there will always be obstacles in your path which you must be strong enough to overcome.

Kurt taught me to embrace myself, to love myself, and to be proud of who I am. He showed me that it's perfectly alright to be different from those around you.

Finn taught me to always be kind to everyone around you, no matter who they are or from what circumstances they have come. He showcased the value of respect and true friendship.

Will Schuester showed me that no matter how large and grand your dreams may be, you can achieve them. There will always be someone watching over you, someone who you can rely on.

Besides just being a really entertaining, dramatic, and comedic TV show, Glee also gave me a lens through which I could better understand my own life. I was able to draw parallels between my life and the lives of the characters on the show, and thus better able to deal with any conflicts I encountered. Each weekly episode taught me to never be afraid of standing out and being different and to always be true to myself.

And for this, Glee, you shall be missed. Thank you for the last 6 years.