How to Deal with Stress

As a victim student of the IB Diploma program, I have felt super stressed atleast 23982903 times over the past two years. Because of this, I am much better at managing my stress, and not letting it take over my emotions and thought stream. Here are just a few of the tips I've discovered:

  1. Don't panic- seriously, this is the last thing you could be doing. If I'm already stressed about, say, an upcoming chemistry exam, panicking about it will NOT make it go away. So why bother?
  2. Don't even bother running away- because it will always come back to you. Running away from your problems is never the solution, in fact, it could worsen it!
  3. Take a deep breath and relax- think about what it is that you are stressed out about, and ask yourself- in 5 years, will this even matter? Does this define who I am as a human being? High chances are, you'll answer no to all these questions.
  4. Have some 'me' time- we're all different, with different passions and interests. When we are stressed, our brain is sending a signal to our mind for some rest. So give it rest! Watch a movie. Soak in a bubble bath. Eat some good food. Spend time with your pet. Take your mind off what is giving you stress for a short time.
  5. Keep your friends and family close- talk to someone! Don't be afraid of feeling the way you feel, because being stressed is normal. But you know what's not normal? Letting all these emotions build up inside you. It's just not healthy.
  6. Break down whatever is stressing you out into tiny bits- if it's an exam, create a study schedule. If it's an upcoming tournament of some sort, practice whatever skill you have to execute everyday for a small amount of time. Breaking down big problems make them less overwhelming and easier to deal with.
  7. And finally, face it head on! The world is with you, so don't feel let down. Face your stress, and use it to motivate you to do better at everything you do. Everything will be alright in the end.