Annoying Things Friends Do

We all have close friends that we can talk to, who are usually there for us, and who are our home away from home. But, despite this, there are just some things that really annoy the crap out of me. Re-blog if you agree!

  1. When they exclude you- in a way it's nice to have more than one good friend, but sometimes, I can't help feeling really excluded from them both, especially when they are in a different class or are simply having a conversation. Although I know we're friends and all that, I can't help feeling a tad bit hurt.
  2. When they ditch you or cancel plans last minute- Seriously. This one bugs me like crazy. How hard is it to send a message in adequate timing about not being able to make it somewhere? Why even agree to do something in the first place?
  3. When you're mad at them and they don't notice- This has happened to me so many times. Sometimes a friend might do something to upset me, and not even notice that they have hurt my feelings! This is probably the worst one off this list.
  4. When they "accidentally" let slip something that was meant to be kept private- I have had some drama surrounding this, and have almost lost friends because of this. Just because I tell you something doesn't mean you have to go and blab it to the entire world!
  5. When they're moody and won't tell you what's wrong- You know how it is. You'll walk into class and see your best friend sitting there looking like crap. You ask them what's wrong and get the silent treatment. You pester them for a while, but then eventually give up, because what else can you?

Well, that's pretty much all that I have on my mind. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends but honestly there are times when I wish I could just force them to somehow read this blog. Maybe when I'm famous...