University- A New Beginning

For many people, going to university can be daunting, scary even. In a way, it is pretty nerve wrecking because everything changes. Completely independence and responsibility are handed to us with a snap of the fingers. We leave home and learn how to survive out in the real world. But despite all of this, I am honestly more excited than scared for university. I can't wait to start learning from the leading figures in the fields I will be studying. I'm excited to study subjects that I am legitimately interested in studying. I can't wait to start living on a new campus, in a completely different country that has a culture of its own. Besides this, I'm excited to make new friends, because even though I'll miss (very few) people back home in Bangkok, for once I will be making friends with people who share common interests, and perhaps even a common passion.

Lately, I feel very restless, and in the rush of studying for the upcoming IB exams (less than 47 days away!!!), things have been very busy. But I've noticed that when I am with my friends, I don't feel as happy as I used to before. I have just started to really understand how different each of us is, how we have different dreams and goals in life. During this time, I have really come to grips with the reality that there are probably only about 4 people I will truly and completely miss- my family and a very close friend.

I think that as I get closer and closer to graduation and leaving home, I have started to really dwell on what it is about home that makes it so special. At these times, I find myself worrying very little about my classmates, my school, or anything else but my extremely close loved ones. I guess it's because one can only properly love and say goodbye to only so many people.

This is a really random, out of the blue post, but I just wanted to vent about all of this. And it feels good. Like always.