The Red Cycle

Grabbing the garage keys, I called to Grandpa, saying I was exploring the store room. “Don’t be late for supper!” He hollered back.

I nodded my head. I was really excited. I had only been here for a few weeks, for winter break. When I came to Grandpa and Grandma’s house, the storeroom was the first thing I noticed and I knew I had to explore it.

I love exploring, so I knew this would be fun.

Using the bronze colored keys, I unlocked the big garage. The door swung up. Everything was rusty, and a strong smell of dirt lingered in the air. I scrunched up my nose, and grabbed my torch from my overall pockets.

When I turned on the switch, the whole garage was suddenly filled with orange yellow light. In the glow of light, I saw many objects. There was an old tricycle, and some dirty papers, yellow with age. I also saw a couple of old cycles, dust clinging on to everything. And then I saw it.

A red, shiny bicycle. The wheels were red, with golden spikes. The handle was shiny black, and the bell was gold. I hesitated, then moved closer.

My hand reached out to touch the beautiful object. I could see my fingers shaking, but I grabbed the handle. Nothing happened. I relaxed, and slowly rang the golden bell.

Suddenly, a beautiful sound filled the air. It was a tinkling sound, like wedding bells. This sound was so delicate, yet powerful. As if in a trance, I moved closer to the cycle, and sat on the driving seat. I had to ride it.

I opened the gate of the house slowly and quietly. I didn’t want anyone else to see my wonderful discovery. The cycle was smooth and sleek, even though it had been in the garage for a long time.

I put my feet on the pedals. As if by magic, the cycle started moving, at an astonishingly fast speed. It was too fast. The wind slapped my face, my hair danced in the wind. My surroundings were simply a rush, a mixture of colors.

Suddenly, I felt like I was moving upwards. I looked down at the pedals and gasped loudly, about to scream. The glossy pedals has turned into wings!

I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t move. I was frozen on that cycle. But it was a wonderful feeling. The cycle glided over the tall trees and electricity poles. It was blissful.

The cycle flew through the fluffy white clouds, higher and higher. I opened my eyes and looked down. I shouted in excitement, for the world was as tiny as an ant. Everything was a pale green sea of grass and trees.

I lifted my hands on my sides and sang as I went through the beautiful heaven of clouds. The clouds were cotton balls, white and fluffy. I reached out to touch the sky. Orange light spread across the sky, making a gorgeous contrast.

Rays of golden sunshine touched the delicate surface of earth. Everything was affected, affected by the positive force.

The sky was a swirl of colors. Magenta streaks filled the sky, outlined by elegant golden rays of shining light.

The evening air was peaceful; the silence serene. Many sounds filled the golden moment. The general cawing of birds, the call of a cuckoo. The cycle was going towards the face of earth.

In what seemed like three seconds, I felt the gentle thud of the cycle landing on the earth, outside home.

BAM! I opened my eyes, to find myself still staring at the red cycle.

The red cycle looked incredibly promising as ever. I moved closer to the object and sat on the seat. Nothing happened. I rang the gold bell. No sound. I tried to ride it. No movement.

I sighed in disappointment. Sometimes, it’s better to fantasise.

I went outside the garage. Just as I was about to close the garage door, I heard that tinkling sound again. “Don’t stop believing. Miracles happen.”

I spun around, Grandpa was standing there. He winked at me, and I walked with him back into the house.