Modibama- a little term I have coined since US President Barack Obama arrived in New Delhi today to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi- could be just the key to success for the two largest democracies in the world. Obama's visits hold great significance for the two nations in terms of climate talks, bilateral economic talks, military (which is pretty interesting because like 80% of India's military weapons came from Russia... awkward), and renewable energy. Besides this, Obama will also be at the Indian Republic Day celebrations on January 26, making him the first American President to be a part of the extravagant festivities.



Why is this such a big deal, and what are the main issues that many are hoping will be resolved through this rather significant visit? One of the main issues is the implementation of a nuclear deal between both countries. Today, the two leaders successfully finalized terms and conditions for operationalising the nuclear deal and the foundation of the deal has been established. Besides this, climate change is a major problem, and the US has expressed interest in helping to finance India's quick growing solar-power program, as well as decrease air pollution levels throughout the country.

In today's address, Modi and Obama were very much at ease with each other, and both leaders have been extremely optimistic about the progress and development of the relationship between India and the United States. These visits mark the beginning of a new era in the partnership between the two nations.

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