10 Reasons Why A Sibling = Happiness in Life

Okay, so I haven't written a post in a while. But since then, life's been good! I finally got accepted into a university- Northeastern University- which I'm extremely happy about. It's one of my top choices, but yess still awaiting 'em university offers. Other than that, in terms of the IB life, we are ALMOST there, with mocks next week and the final exams in less than 70 days. Scared? Oh heck yes. But anyway, today was my little sister's birthday. She's 14, practically a woman (ha ha ha she would be so mad if she read this), and I wanted to make the day really special. So in an attempt to be rebellious and sweet at the same time, I stayed after school on Monday and decorated her locker with balloons, prepared a goodie box (converted Nike shoe boxes are THE best), and got her close friends to sign some cards with personal messages. I asked all her teachers to give her these little messages I had prepared, and I also wrote her a (really) emotional letter. I went all out crazy, because this time next year, I'm going to be in university and there is very little chance that I'll be in BKK to celebrate the special day. And all of this just got me thinking... what are the perks of having a sibling? I know I can't imagine a life without my sister, but why exactly do I feel this way?

And so, because I am a weird person by nature, I have made yet ANOTHER list, this time of reasons by having a sibling/siblings is probably one of the greatest joys of life.

  1. You can do crazy things together, whether it means staying up in the same arcade booth for over 2 hours playing air hockey, or watching old Barbie movies (and some news ones too- I am NOT ashamed #cool).
  2. They are a shoulder to cry rant on- because they are your sibling, they sort of always have to listen to everything you are angry/upset/happy about.
  3. You can act as a team against parents when they just simply don't understand- we all know those few things that parents just don't agree on and nothing is better than a sibling that backs up your argument.
  4. They can keep your secrets.
  5. They keep you firm on the ground.
  6. They are completely honest with you about everything, no matter how painful the truth is.
  7. They actually give pretty good advice.
  8. They teach you things you may never have learned before.
  9. Private jokes and secret languages- no matter where you are, you and your sibling have a natural connection that will allow you to understand each other at any time.
  10. Lastly, a sibling can become your best friend, because they will never expect anything from you nor will you from them. The perfect case of unconditional love.

Happy birthday Saloni! I'm lucky to have you as not just my sister but also mi mejor amiga.

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