Just An Update On Me

8 weeks in, and I'm pretty sure I am an official college student living #collegelife (don't lie, you said that in your best valley girl accent). Syracuse is starting to grow on me, and the bipolar weather is surprisingly not so bad. In fact, I love it here! I haven't been in touch with a lot of my friends and loved ones back home, so I've written this post just to let people know I'm here, alive and doing well!!! I've also made many new friends, gone through some college drama, but definitely happier than I've ever been. I know most of the people reading here don't give a flying f what's been happening in my life, but to the ones who do take the time to read this post, SANIYA LOVES YOU!

I've decided to divide this post up by aspects: academic life, social life, life as an international student, and just me being me. In this way, if you're a potential university applicant, you'll definitely find out what a college education is like. If you're someone close to me, the social, and life as an international student are the sections for you. And me being me? That's for the special few I love, and truly miss.

1. Academics


I'm an IB graduate student, and I think this is one of the main reasons why academically, I'm doing pretty well at Syracuse so far. I'm studying Broadcast and Digital Journalism at S.I. Newhouse, the mass communications school at Syracuse University. However, in my two months here, I've also been taking International Relations, and I might dual-major. That's the really cool thing about university- you can go in knowing exactly what you want to do, and then completely change your mind a semester in. Doing the IB has definitely helped me, so to the IB juniors and seniors out there, WHAT YOU'RE DOING IS WORTH IT. The main way the IB helped me was being able to manage a heavy workload and being able to write good papers. It pays off!

2. Social life

My social life has definitely been more active ever since I got here. But in university, everyone has active social lives (unless you prefer your own company to anyone else's, which is totally fine). It's easy to make plans because you live so close to your friends. Since it's a campus, there are always events happening, from football and basketball games, to movie nights, to parties and Greek life, to cultural events. There is always something interesting happening everyday!


3. Life as an international student

Becoming a university student is already a big change, but being a student in an entirely different country on a whole new continent is a HUGE step, and it can be overwhelming. To me so far, my biggest challenges have been in my classes, particularly at my classes in Newhouse. A lot of American culture and tradition plays into the lectures and class discussions, and it's easy to lose track of what is happening in class because of this. However, I've gotten better at adapting myself, and as I make more friends and spend more time in this country, I am becoming accustomed to the norms and way of living. I definitely miss Indian and Thai food, and the amazing quality of rice Asia has to offer (the rice here sucks). When I'm home for December break, I will literally eat nothing but Asian food.


4. Me!

Besides all of this, I've been good! I've made some close friends in most of my classes, and I am getting to know my professors too. I miss my family, but I'm getting used to being independent and taking care of myself. Although I enjoy my freedom and independence, there is always atleast one moment in my day when I find myself missing my parents, sister, and dog. Counting down the days to Christmas break!