5 Things I Should Have Appreciated More Before College

So it's been officially 7 weeks since I hopped on a plane, took a 23 hour flight (Bangkok, Thailand to New York City via a 1 hour transit in Dubai, thank God), and a 4 hour drive to Syracuse University. And it's been one heck of an experience. College life is everything they told you it would be and more. Independence, self-awareness, liberation- it's all too good to be true. But besides making sure to take a shower everyday and eat something every few hours, my first 2 months of college have also taught me appreciation for everything that I took for granted when I was back home. So here are 5 things I should've definitely valued more before leaving home.

1. A clean bathroom stall and shower- Communal bathrooms are DISGUSTING! There is nothing worse than the remnants of someone's hair clinging to the wall (Why do people do this? Clean up after yourself people!). Back home, I used to complain about sharing a large, perfectly clean bathroom with just one little sister, yet now all I want to do is go back home and share, share, share!

2. Fresh, home-cooked meals- I admit, in the first week at Cuse, I was loving the dining hall food. Pizza, pasta, and fries everyday? Yes, please! But after all the parents left, the food quality's deteriorated like crazy (I'm sorry, but why Syracuse, why?). Oh what I wouldn't do for steamed rice and a bowl of curry!

3. Having my own room- I love my roommate, but I miss having my own room! Listening to loud music, binge-watching TV shows till early morning, and not having to feel guilty about having the lights on to study while your roommate's asleep- these are just some of the things I miss about my room back home.

4. My parents constantly monitoring my daily activities- I might get some crap for this, but I honestly miss my parents nagging me to study/eat properly/not go out too much. In college, no one cares about what you do with your time- you are 100% responsible for your own education. This has been especially hard for me, and I've already pulled a couple of all nighters just because I didn't see the deadlines coming and didn't manage my time well.

5. Not having to walk 24/7- I miss my car and being able to take the subway! I live in Day Hall, up on Mount Olympus. It takes me atleast 7 minutes to get to anywhere (and trust me, I've timed myself), and that too only if I walk quickly. It's a great way to stay fit and active, but we all have those days when we're either super sleep deprived, physically exhausted, or just plain lazy. The last thing we want to do is stroll down 300 steps with two textbooks and a laptop in tow.