We have all experienced pain at some part of our life, in the physical or emotional form. Pain is inevitable, and it's really impossible to live life without going through it. But despite being such a common thing, we often like to convince ourselves (in a rather geocentric way that is a true embellishment of human nature) that our problems are the most important, the most striking, the most painful. It's as if experiencing pain is some kind of achievement, when really we can't control what life throws at us.  Pain does strange things to people. In a recent movie I watched, The Song of the Sea, the villain is nothing but a woman who has let her pain swallow her, causing her to give up on life and happiness. At the same time pain can motivate people, make them stronger. But then there are the people that use their pain to be happy, that is, they use their suffering to get what they want. Pain is a tool to these people, a free ticket to get out of responsibilities, an additional road out of their problems. And this is the most dangerous effect of pain. 

There is no doubt that at least one of you reading this post have used your pain to your advantage, and I guess there is nothing wrong with this, because we are only human after all. But don't just think about how this affects other people, think about how this affects YOU. By using your misery as a way to get out of situations, you are just weakening your personality, decreasing your resilience. So in the end, learn from your pain and misery, deal with it in a healthy way. This world doesn't stop for anyone- if you want to be happy, you have to make an effort, and look for your happiness. So stop hiding behind your pain, and tackle the world headfirst!