Lately, I've been hearing a lot about the importance of discipline in everyday life. This word is everywhere- at home, at school, in emails I receive from loved ones. I am surrounded by this idea that in order to live a healthy and productive lifestyle, one must be disciplined. But honestly speaking, I think many of us overrate the value of discipline, particularly during time periods where we have fewer responsibilities, like during the holidays or a relaxation period.

In the past few weeks, I keep being told that discipline is important because we should follow a set routine, do things at the same time everyday, control our desires and emotions, and be organised about how we live our lives. But here's my question: what is self-discipline? Is it the process by which one ignores emotions and sudden needs, and engages in an everyday activity which they may not feel like currently participating in? In my opinion, no way! To me, self-discipline is about taking care of your body and your mind, engaging in activities that make you feel good and help you to grow as an individual, and about taking risks and being spontaneous. After all, how interesting would life be if every day was lived in the exact same way?

I'm not against the idea of discipline, but I do think that it has been grossly redefined by today's society. Its purpose has been scarred too. Discipline should be something that helps us feel happier, something that boosts our self-esteem. At the same time, discipline should help us to develop, grow, and become better human beings.

So, no. I don't believe that I should do the exact same thing every day at the exact same time. Does the sun rise and set at the exact same time each day? Is the weather always the exact same? Do we encounter the same people every single day? No! Each and every single day is unique, and with this uniqueness, presents new opportunities. So, rather than use discipline to set the exact same routine (which WILL eventually get boring), why not discipline yourself to try something new every day? Why not discipline yourself to widen your horizons, meet someone new or read something completely outrageous (not unlike this blog post)? So, employ discipline, but don't do it for control or organization. Do it to bring more happiness into your life, and live each day much more positively.