Through the Hourglass: Looking Back on 2017

Starting off the new year is a purely psychological concept, but there's something immensely satisfying about being able to push that invisible reset button. Clearing the slate, cleansing the mind, starting anew-- what's not to love? I'm not a staunch believer in new year's resolutions (do they even exist a few weeks into the year?), but I do think it's important to reflect back on the year in some way, because it is only by looking back that we know how to continue moving forward. Here's my year in review.  




Hitting my 20s wasn't enough. 2017 saw me sign my first apartment lease during my semester abroad in London. While abroad, I travelled through Europe, taking my first solo trip to Netherlands, where I surprise visited my best friend who I haven't seen in five years. I got behind the wheel (but I still don't have my license because of legal problems, hopefully 2018 will remedy that!), and learned how to cook (amid a few culinary successes and numerous nightmarish failures). I also micromanaged nearly every single aspect of my life, but what's new? 


The Journalist Life


2017 was also witness to my first ever formal internship experience. I had the chance to intern in London (spring), Bangkok (summer) and Syracuse (fall). I experienced new work environments, connected with mentors in my industry, and stepped up my news production game. I wrote my first story on trauma, which has completely shifted the way I see journalism. 

Besides gaining invaluable experience and a better sense of the professional world, I co-founded Globalists, a publication at Syracuse University geared towards diverse thought and perspective. I also began an international student spotlight series for the Newhouse school website. 

This year, I got my very own DSLR from my parents. Because of this, I was able to practice photographing extensively, and further expanded my photography page on Instagram. 

I also discovered there are still many skills I have to improve to become a better journalist: my performing abilities and confidence on-screen and on-air, stress management, and better separating my feelings from the story-- all things I want to work on for 2018. 


Nutritious Drinks and Free Weights


One of my biggest accomplishments this year is becoming a morning person. I've always been more a night owl than an early bird, but this past summer, I began my day with the sunrise. I found myself with more time to cook, work-out, read, and do other activities which I might not have necessarily had the time to engage in. I also found it improved my mood and productivity levels throughout the day. 

2017 saw me embrace a healthier lifestyle. I started strength training, which added a lot to my exercise routine. Although I still have down days, I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin. I also started eating healthier, though I won't lie-- I definitely binge ate sometimes! Another healthy habit I've picked up-- drinking warm honey-lemon tea first thing in the morning. My special tea has done wonders for my skin, mind, and overall health. I highly recommend it!



Embracing Life, Stamping out the Negativity


2017 had its ups and downs. I made mistakes, had a couple of bad experiences, and things didn't always go as planned. But I made a conscious effort to better understand people. I tried to create positivity in my life, rather than dwell on what I didn't like. I grew plants in my room (miniature roses and basil), went for morning walks, did a social media cleanse, and called my family more often. I grew closer to some, apart from others. I started journalling again, and even developed a penchant for coloring books. I listened to my Spotify playlists over and over again, letting each word and beat sway me again and again. 



This 2018, I will strive to be the best version of myself. That's the only new year's resolution I need. 

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