Pretty Little Liars Ends With a Predictable Twist

Note: Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution!



I've been watching the Pretty Little Liars for the past seven years. My Wednesdays would be spent watching the 45-minute episode with bated breath and certainty that some of the mystery that surrounds Rosewood and the Liars would be cleared. 

Too bad it only took 160 episodes to figure everything out!

I said goodbye to the series on June 27, watching the catchy title and pining over the Liars' attire one last time. 

The whole 'Spencer has an evil twin' was honestly super predictable, given that she had made an appearance a couple of weeks before the finale. However, I would never have guessed that Evil Spencer, or Alex, had been in other episodes before then. But overall, the ending felt a little lazy and I didn't feel completely satisfied after watching the sappy closing sequence.

Regardless of the slightly disappointing twist, it was nice to see that every Liar got some closure. Hanna and Caleb were meant to be, we all knew that. Ezra and Aria's fertility stunt was quite emotional and introduced a whole new type of conflict into a show that is mainly plagued by death threats and creepy stalkers. Emily and Alison's family (of course Alison had twins) was bittersweet, and Spencer and Toby obviously ended up together (Did Yvonne even exist?). 

It's a little weird that next Wednesday, PLL won't air. But the fact that it's over, as the girls so succinctly put it, signals the end of an era.