The Flying Eye Hospital- Medical Treatment Revolutionized?

Ever flown on a plane before? Chances are you probably have. But have you ever been on a hospital that can fly? Well, that's taking things to an entirely new level!

The DC-10 Jet is no ordinary plane. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary aircraft, complete with wings and windows. But once you step inside, things change dramatically. You'll see an operating hall, with microscopes and doctors everywhere. As you keep walking into the plane, you'll see tiny surgical rooms, a screening room, and a classroom to train visiting medics- all replacing the usual plane seats you would normally see.

Design To Improve Life

Design To Improve Life

The "Flying Eye Hospital" was converted into a hospital 30 years ago, and has flown to 78 countries, and trained thousands of doctors. Its mission is to treat people suffering from blinding diseases- many of whom are small children. This project was initiated by ORBIS, a US-based non-profit organization that has been working in developing countries throughout the world to prevent blindness and medically treat visually impaired people.

This remarkable plane is also ensuring future successful medical treatments in all countries it visits. By training local doctors of the area in surgery, there is more hope for better eye care treatment.

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