35 Reasons Why I Love Music

  1. Anything can be music if you want it to be.
  2. It is a reflection of our experiences and day to day lives.
  3. It allows us to feel.
  4. It helps us heal.
  5. It's a nice way to pass the time.
  6. Road trips would be a nightmare without our tunes.
  7. So would long flights.
  8. The music scene is constantly changing.
  9. But some songs will always be classic (hello John Lennon.).
  10. It allows you to block out the outside world and focus on your thoughts.
  11. It makes every mundane task a little more exciting.
  12. Your taste can change and that's completely okay.
  13. You can dedicate music to loved ones.
  14. Or channel your hatred for others in a safe way.
  15. You can use music to help tell someone how you feel.
  16. You can dance to it.
  17. You can lose yourself in it.
  18. When you don't know how you feel, music can help you analyse yourself.
  19. You can practice faith through music.
  20. You can sing (even if you can't.).
  21. It's free therapy.
  22. You can slow dance to it.
  23. Music helps us remember what we may have forgotten.
  24. And see how far we've come since then.
  25. Music fosters hope and dreams.
  26. I can walk to my 8 AMs to an upbeat beat.
  27. I can question human existence when the stupidest sh*t goes viral (it's Fridaaay Fridaayyy).
  28. I can spend hours singing karaoke.
  29. And accidentally on purpose record myself singing 'My Heart Will Go On', and cry because a whale could probably sing better than me.
  30. I can work out to my music.
  31. Or spend half the time changing the song (#slothlife).
  32. It helps me sleep during hard nights.
  33. Music makes it easier to deal with loss.
  34. Music will always stick around even if others don't.
  35. Music is the embodiment of our souls.