Here's to all the Women

Happy International Women's Day!

Although the world is not even slightly close to hosting a completely gender-equal society, I like to think we are getting there, one day at a time. It sucks that women still have to fight for a say, to get that promotion, to get paid just as much as their male counterparts. It's a pity that women have to work hard twice as hard as men to be respected, despite their glorious credentials and experiences. Above all, domestic violence against women, negative portrayals of feminists, and objectification of all sorts are still very real issues that we are dealing with today.

But women have never given up. In the last century, we have grown stronger, tilted the balance scale in our favour, made our voices heard. So this International Women's Day, here's my message to all the beautiful ladies out there.

Here's to all the mothers, who brought us into the world and gently told us society would place us into boxes, objectify us, abuse us because of our gender, but that we had to keep our head high and continue living brilliantly.

Here's to all the career women, who fight everyday to gain respect in the workplace, who accomplish amazing things to enhance our society, who cross new boundaries to break gender roles, stereotypes, and bias.

Here's to all the family women, who manage families, look after their partners and children, make a house a home, pass on important values to the next generation about what it means to be a good human being and live a healthy, productive life.

Here's to all the women in school, who continue on their quest of knowledge even when it feels like the whole world is crashing down, who strive to educate themselves despite knowing they will certainly face obstacles down the road because of their gender.

Here's to all the women struggling for equality and respect, who are recovering from horrible treatment and relationships, who challenge the norm and aren't afraid to be themselves.

Here's to all the women. 

Saniya More2 Comments