My Temperature Conundrum

I've come to the drastic conclusion that if I don't simply ignore my work to write in this wonderful domain, I will never blog again. For this reason, I have decided to ignore my economics quiz for tomorrow, abandon my fruitless pursuit of summer internships, and push aside all of my (annoyingly important) tasks for a few minutes of thought-sharing.


I've always had a problem with heat (ironic, because my hometown, Bangkok, is possibly the hottest place on earth). I don't know why, but for some reason, I despise being in an overly warm environment and usually end up using air conditioning (I promise I am environmentally friendly in other ways) or some other way of staying cool. What can I say? The warmth melts my chilled heart and irritates me to the bone.

Unfortunately, my roommate is the cactus to my polar bear (she is also the spawn of Satan but at barely 5 feet tall, she's insanely lovable). I will never understand how an individual can wear four (I repeat, FOUR) layers of jackets/hoodies/sweatshirts in temperatures that can only be described as *shudder* warm (see below for visual representation).


But enough about that.

I guess it's back to hitting the books for now.

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