Ode to Terrorism

Within minutes of the terrorist attacks in France, all streams of social media were under fire as the world watched the beautiful city of Paris with prayers and grief in their hearts. Over the course of hours, news outlets reported on the tragic deaths of over 115 individuals, and hospitalisation of over 300. Meanwhile, in another part of the world not so far away, 43 individuals lost their lives in a double-suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. Half a world away, ISIS continues to scheme, to take away not just the lives of innocent people, but also the livelihoods of communities across the world, all in the name of religion. In corners of the world lurk sick-minded individuals who believe that the only way out of their misery is to murder people heartlessly, without a second thought. So here's my message to you, cruel perpetuators of terrorism. Here is what the whole world has to say to you.

When you pull that trigger, plant that bomb, know that you don't just take away lives, but you destroy homes. You turn innocent children into orphans. You force parents to bury their offspring- something that goes completely against the rules of nature.

You see, terrorism, you cause the whole world anguish. And do you know what's worse? That you think all these actions are justified because of your religion, or your culture. Don't try to bring God into this! Your actions are your very own, and they only reflect YOUR morality, YOUR individuality, and YOUR mindset.

We may never be able to completely stamp you out, but understand that one day, we will live in a world free of your crimes. You may lurk in every corner, evolving with the times, but we will evolve too. We will be better prepared for your bulls**t, and we will never stop fighting all your evils.

So disappear, terrorism. Disappear because we all want to live our lives free of unnecessary deaths, fear, discrimination, and sadness. Leave the minds of those you control, and leave the lives of those whom you have destroyed.