15 Things I'll Miss the Most About Bangkok

I will be in New York City in exactly 24 hours. I will start the next chapter of my life in the same time frame. Excited? Yes. Nervous? A little. Nostalgic? VERY.

So, in light of this huge life event, I have (as per usual) created a loving list of 15 things I will miss the most about my city- Bangkok. I grew up in Bangkok, but during these 18 years, this beautiful city has grown on me.

  1. THE FOOD. This is at the top of my list forever and always, because there ain't no better street food than Thai street food (except maybe Indian street food).
  2. The crazy-ass traffic which has allowed me to spend hours listening to my music. This is pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Crazy bikers who take you around the city on minimum charge. Honestly, if you want to take a motorbike in Bangkok, HOLD ON FOR YOUR LIFE.
  4. The heat. Okay, this is something I'll miss and not miss at the same time. But the weather in Bangkok is always nice. There haven't been many days without blue skies and a bright sun overhead.
  5. The way the rain falls. I think Bangkok has one of the most pleasant monsoons in the whole world. It doesn't rain 24/7 (like how it does in Mumbai), and the weather gets much cooler after a downpour.
  6. The malls. Bangkok has some of the nicest malls ever, and shopping is fun and a great pass time.
  7. The people. Bangkok has the most polite people in the world. No matter how much you push someone, they will always have a smile on their face and try to help you. Sure, they may be thinking something completely different, but they never show their frustration and anger. The whole world could learn this from the Thai culture.
  8. The BTS. I love taking the sky-train. Although at times it's jam-packed and super crowded, it's so easy to get to places. Travelling by public transportation is definitely not that hard.
  9. Bubble-tea. Do I even need to explain myself here?!?!?!??? Bubble-tea is LIFE! I will especially miss my favourite Honey-Lemon Green Tea (with extra bubbles).
  10. The sunsets. Some places have beautiful sunsets on certain days due to weather patterns and other factors. Bangkok is one of the few places where each and every sunset is beautiful, because different hues of color fill the skies with every changing day. Definitely worth Instagraming!
  11. The respect Thais have for the King. This isn't just in Bangkok, but nation-wide. In my 18 years here, I have visited almost every part of the country, and it is amazingly obvious how dearly the Thai people love their King. Also, he's the longest reigning monarch ever.
  12. Street markets. There is nothing better than eating a home-cooked meal consisting of local vegetables and fresh meat, and Bangkok's various morning markets do precisely that.
  13. The beaches. The beaches in Thailand aren't just beautiful, they are also for the most part, very clean. Plus, you get the best seafood here!
  14. LGBT-friendliness. Bangkok is one of the most accepting societies in the world, and it's fairly common to see gay and transgender individuals around the city. Thais believe that one's sexuality is a very personal decision, and just leave it there.
  15. Home, family and friends. This is, without a doubt, the most important aspect I'll miss... Bangkok is home. It's familiarity, and growth, and development. It has shaped the person I am today. And the Thai culture will always be embedded in me, no matter where I decide to go next. So khop khun khaa, to Bangkok and all my loved ones. I'll miss you.
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