I'm A Published Writer!

Every writer dreams of being published someday for an original piece. When your writing is recognised, and made available for all to see, it's very heart-lifting and rewarding. For the first time, I've been officially recognised for my writing, and three articles I wrote (see below for links) have been published in three different magazines! I guess dreams do come true! To see which articles were approved, I've created links to them, as well as the names of the magazines they were in. Thank you everyone for your support, it's been great writing for an increasingly larger group of people!

  1. So Long KIS! And Thank You - Expat Life- August/September 2015 Edition
  2. 7 Reasons to 'IB' It Up (No Pun Intended) - The Link- A British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) Publication
  3. 7 Reasons to 'IB' It Up (No Pun Intended) - ScandAsia Magazine

Please continue to support me, and occasionally take a look at my blog! Your comments and opinions matter so much to me, and it is a privilege to write for you all.

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