On April 5, I finally turned legal! Eighteen is a pretty big deal, because with this birthday, I have officially taken a step away from childhood, towards becoming an adult. Although this means more freedom, it also means a lot more responsibility. Anyway, on my birthday I was on vacation in Koh Samed, an island in Thailand. It was amazing, and the beach was very beautiful albeit being a little crowded. We all celebrated by tanning (as if I needed that), going on a speed boat and touring other islands, swimming, and eating a grand dinner. After dinner, we watched a brief fire show and walked along the beach. It was a very nice day. However, since this was perhaps going to be my last birthday in Bangkok, with my parents and friends from school, I decided to have a dinner party. It was at a really fancy restaurant, and I invited about ten of my closest friends. The dinner was amazing, and we all ended up dancing to funky songs from like eight years ago (also a lot of Hindi music). After this, we cut the cake my mom had baked for me, and just hung out until 10PM.

Many teens my age decide to spend their birthday partying and getting drunk, taking full advantage of their newfound adult legality. However, to me, spending this quality time with my friends meant so much more to me than a drunken night which I would perhaps not even remember the next day. Therefore, I'm really happy I had this dinner.

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