First Rejection

In the past few weeks, I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Literally. Ever since I sent in my ED application to x University (not going to name em' here because this is a no name no shame blog), I have been faltering on the ends of an emotional scale- at times feeling extremely high and happy, at other times filled with worry and anxiety. But this ride's over- kind of. I didn't get in ED.

On the bright side, I got the bad news while on a family vacation to Koh Chang (which, btw, is BEAUTIFUL, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone out there), which made it a teensy bit better, but no less easier. But anyway, when I read the letter I couldn't help feeling extremely low, and small. I knew deep down that they wouldn't have been able to take everyone in, no matter how "good" they were, but I still felt really disappointed because I honestly thought I had a shot. But hey, everything happens for a reason, right?

Maybe the fact that I didn't get into x University is an indication  that that particular major, under that faculty was not for me. And now that I think about it, I am kind of relieved I didn't get in! In the days leading up to the admission's decision, I had started to have feelings of dread, because x University is really far away from home, and honestly I was scared out of mind- scared to be alone, scared to have to learn to cope on my own in a city known for its crazy rep- thank god I dodged that one. So what does this mean? Well, the application process has restarted for me- ho HUM. Here come a few more days of hardcore personal statements and short essays, and picking the right major. But I'm going about it better, and applying to a wider variety of universities.

This may have been my first rejection, but it is by no means the end. Because in the end, it's just a measly university. And I know that there is a place of higher learning out there for me, specially designed for me. Let's begin that journey of discovery!

And to anyone who got in ED or EA, congrats!!! I'm happy for you (but don't you dare get senioritis, maintain em' grades!).

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