Syracuse New Times

The Syracuse New Times is Syracuse's alternative newspaper. I held a for-credit internship at the New Times during the fall semester of my junior year (late 2017). 

As part of my internship, I profiled women in the military for Veteran's Day, covered an ethnic food conference, and produced video and audio for the paper. 


Three Profiles Of Military Women, Their Struggles and Accomplishments

 Photo by Saniya More

Photo by Saniya More

I profiled three women in the military as part of the New Times' coverage of Veteran's Day. This was one of my hardest stories to write. Besides cultural sensitivity and some controversial topics, it was also a challenge for me to write in an unbiased way. As a woman in a male-dominated field, I could certainly empathize with some of the struggles my profiles had gone through. However, taking some time away from the article helped me write in a more objective manner.

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