Newhouse Student News Team

I began working for the Student News Team during the beginning of my sophomore year at Syracuse University. The Team is responsible for profiling events, speakers and individuals on campus. All articles and photographs contributed go onto the official Newhouse website, which is accessed by professors, students, alumni and prospective students. Some of the skills I've learned from being a part of the Team include learning how to take rapid yet efficient notes during fast-paced speaker series and events, photographing individuals in action, and conducting in-depth profile interviews. 



Meet Newhouse sophomore Elijah Shama, founder of SU chapter of Reporters Without Borders

This is a profile I wrote on S.I. Newhouse student, Elijah Shama. Prior to writing this article, I spoke with Shama for an hour and asked him about his life, personal and professional goals, as well as hardships he has encountered along the way. 

Authors of "TV (The Book)" discuss how they chose the 100 best shows of all time

Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall visited Newhouse to discuss their recent book, in which they identified and ranked 100 scripted American television shows using a personalized scoring system.