Bangkok Post

I am currently interning at the Bangkok Post, Thailand's largest English-language newspaper. I am working under the 'Asia Focus' section, a weekly publication that covers news around Asia. As part of my work, I have carried out exclusive interviews, covered conferences, produced videos and facilitated the creation of Asia Focus's official Twitter account. 


The Daily Orange (Oct. 2015- Present)

The Daily Orange is an award-winning, independent, and entirely student-run newspaper in Syracuse. I have worked at the newspaper since my freshman year, and have worked as a beat writer and columnist for the 'Pulp' section while also contributing regularly to the 'News' section. 


Newhouse Student News Team (Sept. 2016- Present)

The Student News Team at S.I. Newhouse publishes articles and photographs of college events, speakers and students. My work has involved both writing and photography. 


The Tab (May- Aug. 2016)

The Tab is a news website that began at the University of Cambridge and has expanded to over 80 universities globally. I have written articles for The Tab Syracuse, as well as done a summer fellowship for the Babe vertical.


Fresh U (Aug. - May 2016)

Fresh U is a news website run by college freshmen. I was editor of campus and lifestyle news during my freshman year at Syracuse University.

Yoga and Me, Yoga and You (2012-2013)

In high-school, as part of my IB Grade 10 Personal Project, I self-published a book titled “Yoga and Me, Yoga and You” (2013) about teenagers and yoga. I illustrated the book and created different yoga sequences teenagers could do to deal with different everyday problems like stress and tiredness. I sold 100 copies of my book at the end of the year, and donated the proceeds to Girl Rising, "a global campaign promoting education for girl's education and empowerment." Click below for a preview of my book, and if you'd like to read more, please send me an email at