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Syracuse New Times (Sept. 2017- Present)

I am currently interning at the Syracuse New Times, Syracuse's alternative newspaper. 

Bangkok Post (June-Sept. 2017)

The Bangkok Post is Thailand's largest English-language newspaper. During my summer internship, I worked under the 'Asia Focus' section, a weekly publication that covers news around Asia. As part of my work, I carried out exclusive interviews, covered conferences, produced videos and facilitated the creation of Asia Focus's official Twitter account. 

Newhouse Student News Team (Sept. 2016- Present)

The Student News Team at S.I. Newhouse publishes articles and photographs of college events, speakers and students. My work has involved both writing and photography. 

The Daily Orange (Oct. 2015- Present)

The Daily Orange is an award-winning, independent, and entirely student-run newspaper in Syracuse. I have worked at the newspaper since my freshman year, and have worked as a beat writer and columnist for the 'Pulp' section while also contributing regularly to the 'News' section. 

Fresh U (Aug-May 2016)

Fresh U is a news website run by college freshmen. I was editor of campus and lifestyle news during my freshman year at Syracuse University.

The Tab (May- Aug. 2016)

The Tab is a news website that began at the University of Cambridge and has expanded to over 80 universities globally. I have written articles for The Tab Syracuse, as well as done a summer fellowship for the Babe vertical.

Yoga and Me, Yoga and You (2012-2013)

In high-school, as part of my IB Grade 10 Personal Project, I self-published a book titled “Yoga and Me, Yoga and You” (2013) about teenagers and yoga. I illustrated the book and created different yoga sequences teenagers could do to deal with different everyday problems like stress and tiredness. I sold 100 copies of my book at the end of the year, and donated the proceeds to Girl Rising, "a global campaign promoting education for girl's education and empowerment." Download a preview of my book, and if you'd like to read more, please send me an email at