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  4. Syracuse New Times

  5. Bangkok Post

Illustration by Saloni More

Illustration by Saloni More



Globalists | editor-in-chief & Co-founder

Syracuse, nEW yORK

September 2017-May 2019

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Globalists is a student organization I co-founded at Syracuse University. Globalists aims to start conversations about global issues and tell student stories related to culture and diversity. As Editor-in-Chief, I lead an executive board of 7 people. I oversee all the editorial content on the organization website.

Check out the Globalists website here

Besides editing articles, I also regularly write, photograph, and produce video for the platform. Here are a few pieces I greatly enjoyed working on;

While editor-in-chief, I also led the publication of Globalists’ first print issue. Check it out here.

CBS News | Radio Intern

New York, nEW yORK

September 2018-December 2018


I spent a semester off-campus in the Newhouse NYC program. I interned in the radio department at CBS News in the CBS Broadcasting Center. Some of my tasks included:

I wrote a written piece to accompany an episode of “Where Did You Get This Number”: Forecasting hurricanes, snowstorms, and your picnic: How weather forecasts work

I had the chance to record myself reading one of the hourly newscasts:

S.I. Newhouse school of public communications | reporter

Syracuse, nEW YORK

January 2015-Present


I began working for the Student News Team my sophomore year at Syracuse University. The Team is responsible for profiling events, speakers and individuals on campus on a regular basis. All articles and photographs contributed go onto the Newhouse website, which is accessed by professors and staff, students, alumni and prospective students. Some of the skills I've learned from being a part of the Team include learning how to take rapid yet efficient notes during fast-paced speaker series and events, photographing individuals in action, and conducting in-depth profile interviews. 

While working for the team, I started Newhouse's first international student spotlight series. Check out some of the profiles I did; 

Here are some other pieces I'm proud of;

Click here to check out my photography for the Newhouse website and Instagram page.

To see a complete list of all my work for the Student News Team, click here.  



January 2018 - May 2018

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Syracuse is one of America's poorest cities, and its South Side area is rife with poverty and crime. For this reason, most of the news covered in the South Side is negative. The Stand is a community-based newspaper that aims to change and diversify the variety of stories published about the South Side. It does this primarily through feature stories and in-depth profiles about different members of the community.

I worked as a special assignment reporter for a special series The Stand did on how former prisoners and parolees transition back into society after jail-time. I wrote a long-form feature and produced a short video profile on Karen Loftin.

I met Karen Loftin for the first time in mid-January through PEACE Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support to prison parolees. Being a former prisoner and a woman of color living with HIV, Karen has made it her mission to be a voice for those who can’t speak out for themselves. Over the next few months, I had numerous conversations with Karen in coffee shops and her home. 

Read my feature story on Karen here. Click here for the print edition.

Check out my video profile on Karen below. 

Update: This story was picked up by the The Crime Report and republished on their website. It also won the Syracuse Press Club second place professional award in the Multimedia Story category.


Newhouse communications center (ncc News) | reporter

Syracuse, nEW YORK

August 2017-May 2019


NCC News is the Newhouse school's official news website, where we publish all our video and audio packages, as well as web stories. 

Here are some audio packages I enjoyed working on (along with accompanying web stories):

Here is a video package I produced on a new city-wide measure in Syracuse: 

To see a complete list of all my work for NCC News, click here.  

SYRACUSE new times | intern

Syracuse, new york

September 2017-December 2017


Syracuse New Times is Syracuse's alternative newspaper. I held a for-credit internship at the New Times during the fall semester of my junior year. 

Some highlights of the internship;


Bangkok, thailand

June 2017-September 2017


The Bangkok Post is Thailand's oldest and largest English-language newspaper. During the summer of 2017, I interned at Asia Focus, the weekly section of the newspaper that reports on the ASEAN and regional news. 

As part of my internship, I did exclusive interviews, covered two philanthropic conferences, and represented the newspaper at local events. I wrote 9 articles, 3 of which were A1 front-page lead stories. I published 2 overseas articles from India. I also helped start the Asia Focus Twitter account

Here are some articles I especially enjoyed working on;

Note: Bangkok Post articles are covered by a paywall. For this reason, I have uploaded PDF versions of all my articles along with links to the article on the newspaper's website.

Click here to view all the work I did for the newspaper.


London, united kingdom

January 2017-May 2017


During my sophomore year at Syracuse University, I did a semester abroad in London. While I was there, I interned at the Stylus Media Group, an innovation research and trends membership service. The company has three main strands: Stylus, Stylus Advisory, and SMG Events. I interned under Stylus, specifically under Stylus Curve. 

My responsibilities primarily lay in social media and analytics. I worked with the content manager to publish daily articles and updates on the Stylus Curve website. I also wrote a weekly Q&A profile on a company employee. 

While I was interning at Stylus, the company went through a major rebranding. The website design, CMS system, and company name changed, so I learned how to transition from the old system. 

It was a complicated and difficult process and took some getting used to. One of my initial tasks after the move was coming up with a list of things that could be improved about the new system, especially to make news story publishing easier for writers. However, it was very interesting to see how the entire workplace moved from one stage to the next.

Check out this article I wrote about working in a London office.

The daily orange | reporter, columnist, beat writer

syracuse, new york

October 2015-May 2017


The Daily Orange is an award-winning independent student newspaper in Syracuse, New York. I began writing for the newspaper during my freshman year at Syracuse University. Since then, I have written 41 articles while working as a beat writer (2016), abroad columnist (2017) and staff writer. 

Here are some articles I'm particularly proud of; 

View my author page to see every article I've ever written for The Daily Orange