part-time food enthusiast, full-time news junkie. 

Photo by Shubhada More

Photo by Shubhada More

I was born in Mumbai, India but my family moved to Bangkok, Thailand when I was six months old. 18 years later, I moved to New York to study broadcast and digital journalism at Syracuse University. After graduating in May 2019, I will continue my education at Columbia University, where I will pursue my master’s degree in journalism with a documentary specialization.

You will most likely find me reading through the 98233 newsletters I am subscribed to, creating carefully-curated Spotify playlists for every occasion, developing Aboli Foundation, a non-profit I started with my sister, and correcting people's pronunciations of my name (pronounced: San-ya Mo-rae).  

I enjoy good books, traveling, artistic film, squealing over every dog I see, documentaries, swimming, healthy smoothies and pesto, and a good run at the gym. I also love the smell of rain, authentic street food, good music, city skylines, spending time with my family, and playing with my 6-year-old beagle, Merlin Emrys (yes, we named him after the wizard).

My cultural heritage has shaped the journalist I am today. Because of my Indian roots, I am determined to report on issues in the region which have been considered taboo and not important enough. I recently produced ‘Among the Adivasis,’ an India-based documentary about Adivasis, or indigenous people.



In 2017, I co-founded Globalists, an organization aimed to give students an outlet to start conversations and share stories of personal identity. In the academic year of 2018-19, Globalists decided to go beyond its digital presence and publish its first print edition.



A short documentary that explores how Adivasis, or indigenous people, are facing culture loss and how this is affecting the way they perceive themselves. I received a grant and an honorable mention in the Creative category from the Renée Crown University Honors Program for the film.


shattering status quos

A long-form multimedia piece profiling five Israeli-Arab women defying traditions in pursuit of independence. This article was written as part of an international reporting class I took at Syracuse University, through which I spent two weeks in Israel reporting.


The Stand: change maker

My award-winning story for The Stand on how former prisoners and parolees transition back into society after jail-time. Featuring Syracuse-native Karen Loftin, prisoner turned advocate for change.


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