Photo by Hanna Benavides.

Photo by Hanna Benavides.


I enjoy good books, traveling, artistic film, squealing over every dog I see, doing yoga, running Globalists, a student publication I co-founded at Syracuse University, visiting the beach, healthy smoothies and pesto, and a good run at the gym. I also love the smell of rain, authentic street food, the city skyline, spending time with my family, video production, taking artsy photos for my Instagram, and developing the non-profit I started with my sister, Aboli Foundation. I am addicted to life-changing documentaries, dark chocolate and good music. And I love to write.

Some basic facts: I'm 20 (birthday: April 5, in case you want to send me a package). I'm Mumbai-born and Bangkok-bred. I currently live in Syracuse, New York where I'm studying broadcast and digital journalism and international relations at Syracuse University. I speak 5 languages. I have a little sister named Saloni (Besides illustrating my website, she is also a talented writer! Read her amazing novel here). I also have a 4-year-old beagle (my dog's cuter). 

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